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Ronaldo fans shouldn’t hate Messi: says Ronaldo

Kriralok Desk: The duel between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is the best chapter in football history. Some are eager to keep Messi ahead in the duel of superiority between the two footballers for almost a century and a half. Because Messi won the World Cup. However, since lifting the World Cup trophy held in Qatar, Messi has been criticized more than getting praised. However, there is no Ronaldo in that team. Showing the highest respect to the rival, Ronaldo— the king of modern football asked his fans, not to hate Messi.

Messi will be far behind compared to Ronaldo. Ronaldo has won the UEFA Champions League five times. He was the main player of Man U or Real Madrid in every season. On the other hand, in the 2004-05 season, Messi was part of Barcelona’s Champions League title. But he entered the field as a substitute player in only two matches in the group stage. Messi’s Champions League titles are four. Ronaldo owns the most 143 goals in UEFA Champions League history. Messi scored 129 goals in the European Championship.

Messi lags behind Ronaldo in current club or international football. Ronaldo’s number of goals in international football is 123. Messi’s 104. Ronaldo became the first player in history to score 850 goals. And Messi’s current number of goals is 818. Ronaldo has left behind Messi in the number of hat-tricks in his career. Ronaldo’s official hat trick is 63 and Messi’s 57.

Messi has the highest career success in Barcelona. But at that time, the case against Barcelona is going on in the court of Spain for the accusation of buying referees. There is no such accusations in Ronaldo’s career.

The difference between Ronaldo and Messi is in the Ballon d’Or. Messi won seven times and Ronaldo five times. However, Messi has been accused of stealing votes for winning the Ballon several times. The voting captain and coach have made public allegations of vote theft on behalf of the same player against FIFA itself. In 2018, despite being the best player of the Champions League, Ronaldo was deprived of the ballon.

Basically, since Ronaldo won the UEFA Euro Championship in 2016, the blueprint for giving Messi the international title was created. Ronaldo won the UEFA Nations League after the Euros. Messi later won the Copa America. The one-match La Finalissima was held three decades later. To prove that Messi is equal to Ronaldo as a Copa champion.

The World Cup was given to Messi by the naked intervention of the referees under the guidance of FIFA in the World Cup in Qatar. Messi gambled on getting concessions on cards with ridiculous penalties. But instead of accepting Messi as the best, there has been a storm of protest. Along with criticism, football fans are rejecting the results of the 2022 World Cup with disgust. However, Messi’s loyal supporters have stepped up to present Messi as the best for the World Cup. But the criticism does not stop there.

But Ronaldo himself says that his fight with Messi is over. There is no need to hate Messi. Even though, there is enough reason to hate Messi. There is also an opportunity to criticize Messi, who grew up receiving unethical support from referees throughout his career. But Ronaldo forgave him.