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Neymar actually couldn’t break Pele’s highest goal record !

Kriralok Desk: After the World Cup in Qatar, Neymar Jr. played for the first time in Brazil’s jersey. After completing all the competitions, he entered the field after six months. He was injured while playing for PSG in February. He played two matches of PSG’s pre-season tour of Asia in July. But it was not an official match. Recently joined Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal, but the Brazilian superstar entered the field.

Brazil beat Bolivia 5-1 in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers on Friday (September 8). Neymar scored two goals in the match. If he didn’t miss the penalty in the beginning, Neymar could have got a hat-trick. Even if that’s not the case, Neymar has set a record of 79 goals in Brazil’s jersey. He left behind Pele who scored 77 goals. Neymar touched Brazil’s black diamond after scoring a goal against Croatia in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar.

Pele is considered to be the greatest footballer in the history of Brazil. The best debate of all time between Pele and Maradona has been going on for a long time. Pele has the record of winning three World Cups for Brazil. However, Pele did not contribute to the 1962 World Cup. He was knocked out of the World Cup after playing one match. But it is also true, Pele has three World Cups that no one else has.

Pele is undoubtedly recognized as the best player in its history by the Brazilian Football Federation ‘CBF’. There is a different account of Pele in the statistics. Therefore, although the world governing body of football “FIFA” recognized Neymar as the highest goalscorer in Brazil’s jersey, the Brazilian Federation itself refused to accept it. They have placed Pele as the highest goalscorer in their history.

According to FIFA statistics, Pele scored 77 goals in 92 matches for Brazil. But the CBF claim, the number of Pele’s goals in 113 matches in the Brazil jersey is 95! The CBF is actually counting the unofficial matches of the Brazilian national team. In which Brazil played but there was no national team. The games have been played with the Brazilian national team against any European or Latin club and services team. FIFA does not recognize the game as ‘official’ unless it is played between two full national teams. The problem lies here.

For example, Neymar himself played Olympic football for Brazil. Neymar scored 8 goals in 2012 and 2016 Olympics. But the under-23 team plays in the Olympics. Where a maximum of three senior footballers get a chance. Therefore Olympic matches do not get international recognition. Neymar’s 8 goals did not get international recognition.

In the case of Pele, 16 unofficial match goals have been kept by the CBF, but Neymar’s Olympic goals have been ignored !