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Messi’s World Cup win was with a blatant theft !

Kriralok Desk: Argentina’s title win in Qatar World Cup was planned. The World Cup has been handed over to Argentina with the direct support of FIFA, the governing body of world football. Holland coach Louis van Gaal complained.

Argentina and Holland met in the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Qatar. The 120 minutes of the match ended in a 2-2 draw. Later, Argentina defeated the Dutch by 4-3 in the penalty shootout.

Argentina has received unethical assistance from the referee since the beginning of the World Cup in Qatar. In almost every match, the team was allotted a ridiculous penalty. In the controversial match against Holland, the referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz himself fought against the Dutch for Lionel Messi and Co. Argentina’s penalty in the 73rd minute of the match was incredibly ridiculous. First of all, the experts are debating whether the tackle of Denzel Dumfries is a foul or whether it is a penalty even if it is a foul. And besides, Marcus Aquina was a bit behind the D box line. But the referee blew the foul whistle. And ordered the penalty. From which Messi scored a goal. In addition, Messi handballed to avoid the opponent’s last defense line in the match. The only punishment for that crime is ‘red card’. But the referee did not do that.

Recently, Van Gaal told the Dutch news media ‘NOS’ Sports, “Everyone saw what happened in the match of Holland against Argentina. I don’t want to say much. Their players overstepped the mark. But the referee did not give them the punishment they deserved. The referee’s whistle blew in the World Cup planned to win the World Cup for Messi. Yes, that’s what I mean.”

Match referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz wanted to confirm Argentina’s victory in the 90th minute. Accordingly, the game was progressing. But at the last minute, Holland paid off two goals, causing panic among the Argentinian players. Especially Messi has repeatedly expressed instability in the last period. It is even seen threatening the referee by raising his fingers. In fact, the captain of Argentina was nervous because the Dutch conceded two goals outside the script. Sometimes, great scripts get defeated by bad luck. However, it did not happen against Holland. Argentina reached the semi-finals in the role of goalkeeper Amy Martinez.

Controversy over Argentina’s World Cup win is nothing new. In 1978, Argentina got a chance to play in the final by losing the match against Peru. The then Peruvian senator (Member of Parliament) Genaro Ledesma himself admitted the match fixing with the host team. But the year 2022 has surpassed the stigma of 1978.