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The fight for a place in the Champions League continues

Kriralok Desk: Europe’s crowded league football season is almost at the end. The domestic league titles of Italy, England and Spain have already been decided. Now the fate of the remaining two top teams, Germany’s Bundesliga and France’s Ligue 1, is up for grabs. In which the Bundesliga title can be decided until the last match.

19 teams from Europe’s top five leagues get a direct chance in the Champions League. Among which, four teams from Italy, England, Spain and Germany get a place in the Champions League. Three teams from France have a chance. Three teams from Portugal were also given a chance. In addition, the best teams of the Champions League and Europa League get a chance directly. The rest will come from other league quotas and qualifiers.

Champions Manchester City and runners-up Arsenal from England have made it to the next Champions League. There is no doubt about the two teams getting the first two places in the EPL. Third-placed Newcastle got 69 points from 36 matches. Similarly, Manchester United got 69 points in 36 matches. If both teams get a point each in the remaining two matches, the next Champions League will be confirmed. Liverpool in fifth place will not be able to beat them. Because All Reds’ points are 66 in 37 matches. So Jurgen Klopp’s team will need at least two losses to one of the top two teams to play in the Champions League. Which is apparently almost impossible.

From Italy, only Napoli’s Champions League is guaranteed. 83 points in 35 matches of the team of Naples is also sure of the league title. But the chances of Juventus, Inter Milan, Lazio and AC Milan are bright in the Champions League. Juventus got 69 points in 35 matches. Inter got 66 points in the equal match. Lazio has accumulated 65 points in 35 matches. And AC Milan collected 64 points in 36 matches. Champions League is guaranteed if Juventus get four points from the last three matches. Again, if AC Milan lose their last two matches or lose points, their equation will become easier. The same applies to Inter or Lazio.

If Inter goes out of the last four, they have a chance to play in the Champions League. They have reached the ongoing Champions League Final. If they beat Man City and win the title and are out of the last four in the Italian league, they will play in the next Champions League. In that case, the fortunes of any team in the top five will open.

The next Champions League of three teams from the French league is confirmed. Top-placed PSG, second-placed Lens and third-placed Olympique Marseille are next up. There is a big point gap with Monaco in fourth place with this team. Which Monaco will not be able to meet in the remaining two matches.

Barcelona won the Spanish La Liga title. Real Madrid is in second position with 71 points in 34 matches. Atletico Madrid is third with 69 points from 34 matches. Real Sociedad in fourth place has 65 points in 35 matches. Fifth placed Villarreal has 60 points in 35 games. Real and Atletico Madrid are not at risk with the Champions League game. They will be in the top four. But society is at risk. A disaster in the last three matches could knock them out of the Champions League. In that case, Villarreal could emerge in the top four.

Although the league title is not guaranteed, Bayern Munich and Borussia’s Champions League spots are guaranteed from the Bundesliga. Bayern got 68 points in 33 matches. Borussia 67 points in 32 matches. Bayern have one match remaining in the 18-team league.

And two of Borussia. Borussia will win the Bundesliga title if they win the last two matches. Arab league with 63 points in 33 matches is also going to next champions league. Berlin and Freiburg are the fourth teams in the fight. They both got 59 points in 33 games. If both teams win their last match, Berlin is expected to be fourth on goal difference. In that case, they will represent Germany in the Champions League.