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Saudi’s big call on Karim Benzema

Kriralok Desk: The 35 year old Frenchman who’s currently the striker of Real Madrid gets an open offer to make a choice of any team he requires to play at Saudi league. Where as Los Blancos sent an agreement for one year extension to Karim Benzema, which he kept unsigned.

Keeping los Blancos into precaution whether their French striker will continue the season with them this summer. Real Madrid also offered a competitive agreement along with the Saudi government, giving him choice on what he should choose for his career. Madrids are planning for pursuing UEFA champions league next season with Benzema. Well Madrid are also concerned about the financial security and squad success.

Where as, Benzamas crucial contribution for his team made an major impact on Madrid, like he’s the second highest goal scorer in 647 matches he scored 353 goals. Also he managed to brought 24 trophies for his team including 4 La-liga,3 Copa-del Rey and 5 UEFA champion league titles. For that reason they wanted him back for the next UEFA season.

On the basis of sources, the Saudi government offered him 400 million euros, in order to move him to the Saudi pro league. Many Spanish outlets are indicating his demand and financial perks for his future of soccer. He might also get a chance to pursue his next Ballon d’or and would be entitled with 100% image rights with no pay taxes in whatever he signs for commercial deals.

Furthermore the Saudi government also declared about his agreement and he will be provided with any luxury he demands. Such a tempting offer, that any player in this entire world might not reject .Although Benzema has a contract with Madrid till 2024,even though he accepts the Saudis offer los Blancos will allow him to leave. The striker will make an official announcement of his decision to the upcoming Sunday.