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Messi paying penalties for the controversial World Cup win

Kriralok Desk: Winning the FIFA World Cup is the ultimate dream for any footballer or country. Being a part of winning the World Cup can give meaning to a footballer’s career. But Lionel Messi seems to be in danger after winning the World Cup. His club career is under threat.

Argentina won the World Cup trophy with the world record of ‘ridiculous’ penalties and the favor of the referee in Qatar. However, controversial World Cup wins are nothing new for Argentina. In 1978, they left the World Cup trophy controversially on their soil. Mario Camps’ Argentina had to resort to a drawn match with Peru to reach the final. In comparison, there is no way not to call Maradona’s achievement in winning the World Cup in 1986. Argentina’s great hero did not cause any scandal except the ‘Hand of God’ incident against England. But the year 2022 has surpassed any controversial event in history. The penalties given to Argentina against Saudi Arabia, Poland, Holland, Croatia and France were not only ridiculous, they were ‘robbery’. Against Holland, Messi tried to move forward with the ball with his hand in Peru, the last barrier of the opponent’s defense. Which is a red card by any rule. But Messi was not shown that.

In any case, FIFA handed the World Cup to Messi in the hands of Nipun and Shameless throughout the tournament. Messi’s career was supposed to accelerate after winning the World Cup. Hoke is 35, but as a captain of the newly World Cup-winning side, he was bound to be in huge demand in club football for at least a couple of years. But that didn’t happen. On the contrary, Messi is now looking for a club to play. But no European club is interested in him.

Since the World Cup, Messi’s performance has also collapsed. He has scored 8 goals in 18 matches in PGC jersey. Made 5 assists. But PSG has already left the UEFA Champions League and the knock out stage of the French Cup. PSG have lost three of their last seven matches in League One. PSG fans are throwing their anger on Messi. Constantly giving two.

Messi’s contract with PSG ends in June this year. Messi wanted to increase his salary and sign a new contract with PSG after showing a fake World Cup. But to no avail. PSG is not willing to increase the salary in the new contract with Messi. On the contrary, UEFA has indicated to reduce the salary due to “Financial Fair Play”. Messi immediately threatened not to play for less.

Messi may have thought that after winning the World Cup, there will be no shortage of clubs for him. But the situation is different. There are no club offers from Europe for Messi. Only the possibility of returning to Barcelona was written in various media. But it remains only as talk and rumour. Barcelona president Juan Laparto said that they had no contact with Messi. No formal complaint was filed. And besides, the current financial situation of Barcelona is not good. Barcelona’s own television channel is being closed due to debt. Besides, they are not able to register Gaby. Maybe they have to leave next season. Barca has no plan to bring Messi in such a situation.

Meanwhile, only Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal and America’s Inter Miami have shown interest in Messi. Al Hilal’s salary is sky high. A few days ago, in the name of traveling to Saudi Arabia, Messi met with Al Hilal officials. But he did not take permission from the club to go to Saudi. That’s why PSG expelled Messi for two weeks.

Messi apologized to PSG after returning from Saudi Arabia. But it didn’t work. Supporters staged a protest rally. There is only one demand, Messi. PSG will not keep Messi in such a situation, this is final.

PSG’s teammates are not happy with Messi. It would be wrong to think only of Kylian Mbappé here. Many are unhappy. That’s why after returning from Saudi, Messi had to post a video on Instagram and say, “I apologize to the club’s teammates. I apologize to the club. To be honest I thought we would get a day off after that match. As it was always the case. As a result I organized this tour. which could not be canceled. I apologize again for what I did. Now I am waiting for what the club wants to do as the next step.”

Messi’s fate will be known in a few days. But after a player wins the World Cup and is recognized by his club’s supporters, the club wants to take a pay cut – a situation that has never been seen in the world of football. He is now in the midst of shame. The truth is, Messi could not become a hero after winning the World Cup. He became the villain of the football world.