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Liverpool’s loss backlashes with despair

Kriralok Desk: Liverpool’s manager, Jay Klopp, states that he’s not worried about the Egyptian winger Muhammad Salah. Although he also states that he was devastated about not succeeding to qualify for Champions league. Salah posted his thoughts in his comments on social media shortly after Manchester United’s 4-1 win over Chelsea on Thursday which denied that Liverpool had top 4 finish in the league. Klopp also stated that, “Salah has always been part of it.”

He has complete faith on the Egyptian winger. The manager admits the flaws of their failure and does not blame anyone for it. He expresses his thoughts by going with all in Friday’s interview. But Salah tweeted ‘There is absolutely no excuse, we should have get qualified for the next session, but we failed miserably’. He also said that, “We are Liverpool, at least we deserve to stay in the competition with the minimal of time.” He was frustrated about the inefficiency about their teams progress, which led them to the endangerment of the competition. “We accused ourselves to what we are going through now said salah with despair.”

Salah, who signed a new three-year contract – worth more than £350,000-a-week – with Liverpool last summer, has scored 19 league goals this season.

Although with these following comments of salah in his social media, Klopp says, “I don’t worry about you, if not qualifying to the champion league was the case. and you needed to leave. I will happily say you goodbye and drive you there by myself. I would grab my car keys and take you other clubs by myself.” Man Utd required a single point in order to make their place at champions league, Liverpool passed through the past seven games in their eight matches in their last push and stood at the fourth place still couldn’t match the outrun. It was the lack of their inconsistency to their first half session of their competition.

On the other hand Klopp said, “The squad is still united.” Despite the disappointment of missing out on the last Champions League qualification spot. “We don’t have to raise our fingers on each other. That’s all good. If you don’t qualify for the Champions League, the best place you can possibly end up is fifth, so that’s what we did,” he said before Liverpool visited Southampton on Sunday. He also stated that, “If we didn’t qualify through the past 10 games, it was all about the deficiency regarding about the inconsistency of the game.”