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Juventus’ uncertainty in the Champions League

Kriralok Desk: Juventus has been deducted 10 points in the Italian league Serie A due to irregularities in the transfer of footballers. The club now dropped from number two to number seven in the points table. An Italian court announced the verdict on Monday.

As a result, the possibility of qualifying for the Champions League next season for the Turin women is uncertain, according to the Italian Football Association.

Juventus, who are second in the table, were second in the table with 69 points from 35 matches. After 10 points, the team, which has dropped to the seventh position, has collected 59 points in 35 matches.

After the big penalty, Juventus has been caught in the performance of the field. The bottom-of-the-table side were crushed 4-1 by Empoli.

After the court’s ruling, Juventus said on Twitter that they would take the court’s decision into account and appeal the decision to Italy’s top sports body.

Earlier in January this year, Juventus was deducted 15 points due to irregularities in the transfer of footballers. The club got all the points back last April after the Sports Court ordered that no points be deducted until the full investigation is completed and the truth is proven. However, the context has changed in the new judgment given by the court.

A total of 11 former and current directors were suspended by the court for irregularities in the transfer. In the new verdict, the court upheld the previous sentence.