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Fahad beats three Grand Masters: Chess

Kriralok Desk: It is fine to lose. But how can three people to lose to a young boy in three consecutive matches.

It is not easy for a Bangladeshi to defeat two foreigners. Especially in one day. But Fahad, who is in great rhythm, has done the great work and made everyone speechless. Earlier, he defeated the grandmasters in various tournaments. However, his experience of defeating two grandmasters in one day is his first time.

At first, he defeated Grandmaster Priasmoro Navendra of Indonesia. Then played with Indian Grandmaster Swamy Mishra and defeated him at the same time. Both of them lost at the Grandmaster (GM) chess tournament in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

Earlier in the first round, Fahad drew a match with Siddharth Jagdish of Singapore. He won the second round with Russia’s IM Sek Konstantin.

Fahad has achieved 3.5 points from four matches after his back-to-back wins. He beat the Indonesian GM Priasmoro Navendra after 64 moves in the third round. The Indian GM Swayams Mishra was stunned by him in the fourth round.

On 24th May, Wednesday, Fahad defeated a woman Grandmaster in Vietnam. In the fifth round, he defeated Vo Thi Kim Pung with 62 moves.

After becoming an IM in 2019, Fahad has yet to make any GM norms. He has played in two countries in Europe a few days ago in search of Norm. After that, he won the Asian Zonal Chess Championship in Dhaka and got a ticket to the World Cup. Now in Vietnam hoping for GM Norm. If he can keep the rhythm within him, it is possible for him to break the horns. The win against three GMs inspired Fahad and gave him confidence.