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Guardiola did not let Haaland make a record

Kriralok Desk: Erling Haaland will enter the field, but not get a goal – such an event surprises everyone these days. Such an event is considered as an incident. However, Haaland did not let any incident happen against Southampton. Entered the field, scored a pair of goals. However, he was deprived of the opportunity to make a single record. Which will probably be done in the next match.

Manchester City will play at St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton on Saturday (April 8). Man City won the match with 4-1 goals in the opponent’s field. Haaland scored a pair of goals. Pepe Guardiola took him off so he didn’t get a chance for a hat-trick. The other two goals were scored by Jack Grealish and Julian Alvarez.

Haaland was out of the field for a long time due to groin injury. He could not play the international match for the country in March. Did not play against Liverpool in the Premier League. However, he showed his strength when he returned to the field. He scored two goals in the 45th and 68th minutes of the game.

Guardiola picked up Haaland after the second goal. Previously, the Norwegian star scored five goals in 57 minutes against Leipzig in the second leg of the knock out phase in the Champions League. But after enough time, Man City coach picked him up. In that match, Haaland became the third player in history to score 5 goals in one Champions League match. Only two have such a record in the Champions League. Argentinian superstars Lionel Messi and Luis Adriano.

Many complained that Pep did not give Haaland the chance to become the first player in history to score a double hat-trick in the Champions League against Leipzig while keeping the record of old disciple Lionel Messi intact.

Haaland also scored a hat-trick for Man City in the FA Cup quarter-final against Burnley. But Guardiola took him off the field in the 63rd minute. It is nothing new to remove the players after the goal has been achieved in order to keep them safe. But this is happening again and again in the case of Holland. Otherwise, Haaland could have scored a hat-trick of hat-tricks. Haaland scored 8 goals in the last two matches before the international break last month. Had a hat trick in both matches. Deprived of the third consecutive hat-trick.

Haaland has been deprived of many goals due to the reckless behavior of Pepe Guardiola. But even so, his number of goals in the current league is 30. And in all 44. Holland joined Ruud van Nistelrooy and Mohamed Salah in scoring the most goals for a Premier League club in a single season in all competitions.

If Guardiola didn’t pick up, who knows, the record might have been rewritten by Erling ‘Goal Machine’ Holland today.