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Al Nassr coach lost his job for criticizing Ronaldo

Kriralok Desk: At the beginning of this year, Cristiano Ronaldo joined Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr. He is now the most expensive athlete in the world at a record 200 million annual salary. The Portuguese megastar has already adapted a lot to Al Nassr. Scored 11 goals in 10 league matches. But coach Rudy Garcia was not happy with his performance. He criticized Ronaldo whenever he got a chance. On the contrary, he lost his job.

Although Ronaldo has adapted to Al Nassr, the strained relationship with coach Rudy Garcia was evident. In fact, from the beginning, the French coach Ronaldo has shown a hostile attitude towards the relationship. When Ronaldo’s arrival, the mood of the festival in Saudi Arabia, Garcia said, he wanted Lionel Messi in Al Nassr instead of Ronaldo!

Ronaldo did not start well at Al Nassr. He was scoreless in the first two matches. Al Nasr was also eliminated from the semi-finals of the Saudi Super Cup. The team’s Rudy Garcia made explosive comments after the defeat against Al Ittihad in the semis. He said, “Al Nassr lost the match due to Ronaldo’s goal miss in the first half of the match”!

However, Ronaldo did not waste any easy opportunities in the match. Rather, at the end of the first half, he took the ‘trade mark’ excellent head. Al Ittihad’s Brazilian goalkeeper Marcelo Ghoe returned it with incredible skill. Former Olympic Leo Koch actually wants to avoid his own responsibility. The team now has the world’s best footballers like Ronaldo. So it is easy to blame Ronaldo.

However, Frenchman Rudy Garcia did not take time to withdraw from his statement. Now he says, “Ronaldo is a positive addition to the team as he helps disperse defenders. He is one of the best players in the world. “

Ronaldo, who recovered himself, closed Garcia’s face with consecutive goals. But Garcia was eager to catch Ronaldo’s mistakes, as evidenced after a goalless draw with Al Feiha in the Professional League this week. After the match, Garcia criticized Ronaldo again in the corner. He said, the best players of the team are not able to play an effective role. They do not understand their responsibility!

Ronaldo responded to Garcia’s criticism. He said, Al Nasser is suffering because of Garcia’s wrong strategy! This French coach is not able to get the best out of Al Nassr footballers.

Al Nassr is currently second in the points table of the Saudi league. They got 53 points in 23 matches. Al Ittihad is at the top with 56 points in the same match. There are seven matches left in the league.

After Ronaldo’s criticism, it was thought that Garcia’s time has come to an end at Al Nassr. That’s it. Garcia was fired by Al Nassr. Spanish daily “Marca” reported that Garcia did not lose his job because of Ronaldo’s criticism. Rather, others were also unhappy with him because of his efforts to blame the players for any bad results. Which was affecting the atmosphere of the dressing room.