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Why does Scaloni want Messi to play until the 2026 World Cup?

Kriralok Desk: Lionel Scaloni played only seven matches for the Argentine national team from 2003-2006. Played for Deportivo La Coruna, Mallorca, West Ham, Lazio, Atalanta in club football. Although he never got star status as a footballer. He started his coaching career in the 2016-17 season as an assistant at Xavier. He was Jorge Sampaoli’s assistant in the Argentina national team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Scaloni also worked as the coach of the Argentina Under-20 team. Sampaoli had to step down after the failure of Argentina in Russia World Cup. Scaloni took charge of Albécelesté after that. The next time passed like a dream. In 2021, Argentina won the Copa America under Scaloni, ending a 28-year title drought. And win the FIFA World Cup in 2022. In 2022, the achievement of winning La Finalissima in one match was added to his name. The trophy Scaloni’s Argentina won by beating European champions Italy.

Scaloni became the best FIFA coach of the year 2022. After winning the World Cup, it was only a matter of time before FIFA became the best. Scaloni has been eyeing the young players since taking over. Rodrigo de Paul, McAllister, Cristian Romero, Lisandro Martinez, Gonzalo Montinel, Julián Alvarez and Lautero Martinez emerged during his time. In fact, it was he who secured Argentina’s goal post by giving Emiliano Martinez a late chance in the national team.

All in all, Scaloni has changed the Argentina team and brought it to success, no doubt. And on this path, his main partner is Lionel Messi. Scaloni has formed a successful pair with Messi. The question about the pair after the World Cup. Basically, with a specific plan with Scaloni, Messi embarked on a mission to establish himself as an all-conqueror. But the question must be raised whether the man is really a coach. Sources from the investigation claim, he is nothing but an agent of FIFA’s undeclared son, Lionel Messi, to bring football success through unethical means.

In fact, Scaloni was just one link in a mission to become Lionel Messi’s greatest by winning Argentina’s title.

Diego Maradona couldn’t celebrate the title after Argentina – Hernan Crespo and Juan Riquelmed. Then came Lionel Messi in 2004. Who won all possible titles in 17 years for Barcelona. He got the title of one of the best footballers of the time in special branding. He was transformed into a superstar by winning one Ballon d’Or after another. At one time the claim started coming that he is the best ever. But the lack of international titles in the implementation of that claim became apparent. In particular, Argentina’s failure to win the title despite reaching the 2014 World Cup finals organized by Slef Blatter and the exit from the 2018 World Cup knock-out was a big blow for Messi’s Argentina.

At that time, perhaps the Argentinean federation understood that no international title would come naturally. But Lionel Messi is right on the road to the solution. Therefore, after the 2018 World Cup, they chose a Scaloni as a coach, whom the world has never known as a coach. He became the coach of Argentina, one of football’s superpowers, through his relationship and contract with Leo Messi.

There is no record of not working for any club in the Argentina team or getting the responsibility of the main team only by working as an assistant coach in the national team. But Scaloni did it. Why did you do it? It is assumed that Messi came to the national team with the mission of winning the title. And that by any means. After winning the Copa America in 2021, their mission was the World Cup.

It is clear that Argentina played in Qatar with the blessing of FIFA. An unfair penalty is tied for Messi in almost every match. Even holding the ball with his hands, Messi does not see the card in this age of technology. The match referee was sent home in protest. Again, like in the semi-final match, the preferred referee is given. Croatia captain Luka Modric expressed his anger about the referee before and after the match. Who has never spoken against referees in his entire career. It is not enough to say how helpless and unbearable he has opened his mouth about the referee of FIFA. Even in the final, Messi was put forward with a ridiculous penalty at the beginning. A Kylian Mbappe could not even fight like a lion to win against the powerful organization called FIFA.

FIFA has done everything it needs to do to get Messi a World Cup. And behind this, the international sports goods manufacturing company adidas, starting with Messi’s sponsor. If they can bring Messi a World Cup, their business will flourish, no doubt. And the link of these works is a scaloni. Not only is he now Argentina’s coach, he is the Argentine agent in liaison with FIFA, but all in a novel and unethical mission dedicated to Lionel Messi.

Scaloni wants to see Messi until the 2026 World Cup. However, Messi, who is over 35, is now regularly booed by PSG fans. After the World Cup, Messi’s alleged magic has ran out. Can’t give anything good to the team. PSG are also not interested in keeping him. The offers of America and Saudi Arabia are being heard for him. But the club owner of any European club is not interested in taking Messi. Rumors were heard that Messi will return to Barcelona, ​​but the reality of this news was not found. Still Messi has the faith in Scaloni.

In fact, even after winning the World Cup in Qatar, Messi’s mission did not end. He wants to win another World Cup. Because even after winning the World Cup in Qatar, Messi is tainted by losing the tournament. Diego Maradona still could not get rid of the image. Messi can make that claim if he wins the World Cup in 2026. Because Maradona led Argentina to the World Cup in 1986 with a team of ordinary quality. He took it in the final of 1990. As such, Messi’s success in the World Cup is equal to that of Argentina. But still Maradona is the football god of Argentina. Although evil in many ways, he did not resort to naked tricks like Messi. He did not need the favor of FIFA. So Messi could not release Maradona. What he wants with all his heart.

Besides, he is on a mission to overtake Cristiano Ronaldo as the top goal scorer in international football. That’s why now Messi will play regularly with unknown countries like Panama and Curacao. Besides, there is the 2026 World Cup. If he wins somehow, Messi can claim to surpass Maradona. By winning two World Cups, Scaloni will join the ranks of legends. So for the next four years, as Messi needs Scaloni, Scaloni needs Messi.


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