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Inter Miami’s ridiculous proposal for Messi

Kriralok Desk: Lionel Messi’s career is in deep crisis. PSG has lost interest in keeping him in club football. At least PSG did not agree to the high salary demanded by Messi. There are no offers from major European clubs for Messi. Barcelona showed only a little interest. But there is also the topic of salary deduction. Messi’s offer has been heard in two clubs in Saudi Arabia, but it is only at the level of rumours. The two discussed clubs did not open their mouths about Messi.

Meanwhile, the American Major League Soccer team Inter Miami has been interested in taking Messi to the team for a long time. However, they are also unable to pay Messi the desired salary. So they came up with a novel proposal. Said, Messi in their team, the rest of the American team must bear the salary!

But why ?

Inter Miami claims, Messi is a big football star. If he comes, Major League Soccer will become a world attraction. Because of Messi, the brand value of the league will increase. Advertising and commercial potential of the entire league will also increase. All teams in the league will benefit from it. And because of this, Messi’s salary should be shared by everyone.

Spanish media “Sport” reported about Inter Miami’s offer to get Messi. Which is ridiculous. There is no shortage of clubs that have benefited by recruiting many of the world’s biggest players. PSG’s followers increased overnight with Neymar in the team. The number of viewers of League One has increased. A few days ago, no one knew Al Nassr Club of Saudi Arabia. The rest of the world was not interested even if they knew. But with Cristiano Ronaldo joining the team, they are now one of the most talked about clubs in the world. The number of followers has increased manifold on their official page. Al Nassr’s game is enjoyed by TV viewers all over the world. The attention of sponsors towards the Saudi League has increased. Other clubs are enjoying the benefits. But the salaries of Neymar or Ronaldo are borne by their respective clubs.

Therefore, Inter Miami’s proposal to pay a fee to take Messi into the team is not only ridiculous, but also unrealistic.