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FIFPRO’s demand for equal honorarium in the World Cup

Kriralok Desk: The world professional football players’ union FIFPRO has written to FIFA seeking equal pay, prize money and other benefits for boys and girls at the World Cup. They made this claim a month before the Qatar World Cup in 2022. This time, four months before the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the union raised the same demand again.

The players have complained that the girls’ tournament does not support the boys’ national team as much as it does the women’s, noting that the prize money is much lower. That’s why there is disparity in awards even though it’s the same event. FIFPRO has made three recommendations in this regard.

The first proposal states that girls’ and boys’ World Cups should emphasize equal prize money in the same structure, following the ‘laws and conditions’. In the second proposal, at least 30 percent of the prize money must be paid to the competing players and lastly, a concerted effort must be made to keep this promise.

A letter containing the signatures of 150 players of national teams from different continents was sent to FIFA last October. These players have demanded equal opportunities ahead of the Women’s World Cup in 2023. FIFPro is negotiating on their behalf.

In this regard, FIFA has informed the media that they are aware of this and an announcement will be made soon about the prize money before the World Cup.