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Messi’s World Cup is just like a Hollywood movie

Kriralok Desk: Maybe he is ashamed of himself. The urge to fool everyone and become the best in the world. He was informed in advance. Yes, the World Cup is yours. Messi has therefore managed to deceive the whole world. If you look closely, you can see that he is forced to smile. At the moment of winning the cup, he danced a few steps forward, raised the cup high and said, I am the best. But what is it at all?

After winning the Messi Cup, isn’t teammate De Paul forced to smile?

Lionel Messi. Being a wonderful boy one day he was able to say that he plays well. The day he was able to pass his teenage life due to physical complications, the football powerhouses noticed. After that, after becoming the best in Olympic football for his country, he played well until 2010. But, that ‘goodness’ set the stage for him to create a fake king, while football’s economic interests were being shared with him, who controlled the world politically, culturally and economically. Messi does not have to stay behind. He is now the king of football on this planet, even if he doesn’t have much talent or what it takes to be the best in football – the ability to score at the foot, pass, head, and score from all corners of the field. But, the fact is, he is only a great left-footed player and almost half of his career goals have come from assists, he is the king, but not the real one, the fake one!

Messi is a one-point player. The one who pushes the ball with his feet sometimes genuinely and sometimes finds the target net. Qatar also had a World Cup tiebreaker penalty and another field goal, set up for a steal. One point to say? Yes, he will pass a few people and go to the right side from outside the D box, then take a shot with his feet, it will be a goal! This is called a point!

Movie created on Messi! Where he himself is an artist and knows that the match is fixed

Lionel Messi won the World Cup in Qatar. FIFA president Infantino is very happy. The happy mood that distributes trophies has also made him successful. Commercially! Messi, however, has a bad luck. Conquered the world, where the whole world will write about him, he will tell that— Is it the right time for the Black Diamond Pele to die? Black Diamond Pele is no more. The old king of football, who also happened to be fake. If you look at his simple way of playing football, you can’t call him great, he won’t be – this FIFA made him the best of all time. When Pele left, how can the media be seated? Farewell to the king of football, this farewell, that farewell, Leo Messi’s World Cup achievement was covered. Two minuses together turned to be a plus in the game of two duplicates! Nature said, Messi is not the king of football.

World Cup Football Script Based. This is now being slowly understood not only by football connoisseurs, but also by the general audience of a slightly discerning tribe. Winning the World Cup by playing well in seven matches is no big deal. However, if you can win Europe by taking part in the weekly organized games in club football day after day, you can get wow. Leo Messi has done that too. So why can’t he be considered the best? It can be understood that the seven-match World Cup can be won from the script, but in club football? Yes, Leo is also the only player in history to steal and score in Spanish La Liga. Currently, he is getting that advantage for his team PSG in this season.

Leo is lucky to be a football Lucifer, who cannot be God. The people of the world will have to wait for three more years to know and understand. The event of 2025 will be organized jointly or separately by football pundits, France magazine and the corrupted FIFA will definitely arrange something. What arrangement? Yes, who is the best in football? Accepting the very bad experience on such a question, they have to announce the football fate of Lionel Messi. And then it will be seen, Lionel Messi’s career is full of sins, evasions, thefts, immoral money – he bought the Copa America trophy with his own money! How he won the World Cup 2022 in Qatar will come out. The kind of manuscript was such a clever achievement! Like a Hollywood movie, the cup was handed to Leo after in a very neat arrangement. Everything will come out. The whole world will continue to hate him. So Leo isn’t really lucky, he will emerge as a much-maligned footballing entity as the ultimate truth of history unfolds.