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The Jewish community proved to be Messi’s real strength

Kriralok Desk: Argentina won the World Cup title in Qatar by giving birth to the most shameful scandal in history. Argentina won the World Cup with the direct support of FIFA and the blatant favoritism of match officials. Which has made the Qatar World Cup one of the most tainted tournaments in history. But why is FIFA kind to Argentina?

Answered by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Who is one of the strongest and most protestant characters in the Muslim world in recent times. Erdoğan thinks that Lionel Messi’s World Cup win in Qatar was the strength of the Jewish community. Messi was able to win the World Cup trophy because the Jews wanted it. For the same reason, Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal have been sent off from the World Cup in Qatar.

Argentina’s ties to the Jewish state of Israel have always been deep. They also met seven times on the football field. Out of which six times in Preeti Abhe. Both countries were supposed to play against each other in 2018 and 2022. But Argentina retreated in the face of strong protests from the Muslim world including Palestine.

Lionel Messi visited Israel in 2013. Although it was a special trip to call for the so-called ‘peace’ between Israel and Palestine. But Messi did not meet any Palestinian leader during that trip. Instead, he attended a dinner with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At the “Western-Wall” in Jerusalem, he prayed according to the Jewish tradition and left a “wish paper”. The Barcelona squad was with him at that time.

On the other hand, Messi’s biggest opponent, Cristiano Ronaldo, is the eye of Israel. The Portuguese superstar has always been in favor of the Palestinians. Although he never made any public statement about this. In 2019, he donated 1.5 million euros from a ‘golden-boot’ auction to the Palestinians. An event management company did the work for Ronaldo. In addition, there have been reports of sending aid to the Palestinians in Ronaldo’s name.

All in all, Ronaldo was never trusted by the Jews. Messi made that place. Argentina’s superstar understood that the Jews, the driving force of the world’s economic power, could put him in the seat of the king of football. Knowing this, Messi has basically associated himself with Israel since 2018. Tried to deepen the relationship between the two countries by organizing matches between Argentina and Israel. Although the match did not happen, but Messi rightly proved his loyalty to the Jews. At that time, Ronaldo left the most influential club in the world, Real Madrid. Basically, after leaving the La Blancos camp, Ronaldo became vulnerable. A web of conspiracy was woven with him.

Turkish President Erdogan said, “Ronaldo was a victim of political revenge during the World Cup.” He has been sent off from the World Cup by blue-printing. Keeping Ronaldo on the bench was part of the conspiracy. ‘

On Sunday (December 25) in an event in the western Erzurum province of Turkey, Erdogan said, “Ronaldo had to face a political veto because he took a stand for the Palestinians.” Because he speaks for the Palestinians. That’s why he was not played regularly. It is unfortunate to play a footballer like Ronaldo for only 30 minutes.

Erdogan’s speech was broadcast on Turkish television.

Ronaldo was benched for the knockout stage match against Switzerland. In the quarter-final against Morocco, he was brought into the field in the second half. Although they got through against the Swiss, they ended up with Morocco. Ronaldo-less Portugal is one of the favorites but leaves the battle for the last eight.

After Portugal’s exit, many former stars, including Luis Figo, washed coach Fernando Sants. Sants himself could not secure a job. Sacked by the Portuguese Federation. But what he did to destroy before that.

As the president of a country, there is no way not to take into account Erdogan’s statement. Especially Erdogan has always been a “protester” character and vocal against the injustice of the Jews. He will give baseless statement on television, it is not credible. Erdogan’s words prove that Ronaldo is a victim of Jewish political outrage. And Messi wants to be a ‘fake king’ with the blessing of the Jews.