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Possible preview of Qatar vs Ecuador

Kamrul Hasan Nasim:

This is going to occur within a few hours! Qatar vs Ecuador match. Qatar World Cup 2022 opening match. Two nations will battle it out from Group A. About which the debate has started. Investigative journalism has exploded on a global scale. According to the media, the match is going to be played as a fight.

Meanwhile, as a host country, what will the Marron force Qatar do? Many people are more interested in discussing such questions!

On the other hand, Ecuador is known as the soccer nation of South America. Like Brazil, they also play in yellow jerseys. They also want to inform that we are also a football country. But, in 2018, they lost on purpose and gave Argentina a chance to play World Cup football. The country cannot avoid the responsibility of such allegations.

On the other hand, the former president of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, while dressing up as a good person, opened up about Qatar being the host country. He said, it was not appropriate to choose Qatar as the host country. Again, the former French great Eric Cantona said that the World Cup in Qatar is pointless. There is a fierce debate about this World Cup, which will be held in the Middle East because of money above all. Out storm!

However, the current president of FIFA says, Europe, you stop – you won’t die if you don’t drink beer for three hours! The world’s soccer-loving tourists are flocking to the limited system of drinking alcohol. However, with the mentality of staying for a whole month, many football fans are upset by the difficult situation of getting alcohol. And those who are going to watch certain matches, they will watch the World Cup by adapting to the narrow culture of Muslim countries.

Controversy is not leaving the Qatar World Cup behind. Various criticisms are going on without starting. Although Cristiano Ronaldo has already said that this is going to be one of the best World Cups in history. No matter how much he says, it cannot be said that the money issue with the Qatar-Ecuador match has not created a new crisis. Of course it is having an effect. The first match will be played at Al Bayt Stadium on Sunday afternoon local time. Bangladesh time is at 10 pm.

Krilalok, the country’s pioneer as a sports medium, has nothing new to announce. The media is going to give predictions for every match of World Cup 2022. Which is the first in the history of the country.

Felix Sanchez, coach of the Qatar team. Under his leadership, this is the first time they are going to play on the big stage of world football. The South American country, on the other hand, returned to the finals of the World Cup after an eight-year absence.

It is assumed that those who will play in the XI for the two teams:


Saad Al-Sheeb, Miguel, Al Rawi, Salman, Hassan, Ahmed, Hatem, Boudiaf, Al-Haidos, Almoez Ali and Afif.


Dominguez, Preciado, Torres, Hincapie, Estupinan, Gruejo, Caicedo, Cifuentes, Plata, Valencia, Ibarra.

It is assumed that Ecuador will play the team in a 4-3-3 formation. Qatar, on the other hand, could go with a 4-4-2 system. The idea that Qatar will play primarily on the counter attack may prove to be wrong. In terms of physical ability, both teams will play with strength. Ecuador could have conceded a goal in the match with a corner kick.

On the other hand, Qatar can also get a goal by capitalizing on the momentum and attacking. In such a situation, the result is 1-1! On the other hand, most experts in the international world want to see Ecuador as the winner 2-1, but Qatar can take the match.

On the contrary, Qatar win by 2-1!