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Brazil; Is it possible to win another world cup?

Sarah Almas: There is nothing new to say about Brazil’s success in world football. Brazil has won the most FIFA World Cup titles five times. Won almost all the major titles of the world. Besides, Brazil is on the list of hot favorites in almost every World Cup. It is not happening in the World Cup to be held in 2022. But does Brazil really have the ability to win the World Cup at the moment?

Brazil’s sadness in the World Cup is ‘Maracana’:

Brazil is the only country that has never been out of the World Cup. Played every World Cup. However, in the first World Cup in 1930, Brazil made its debut with a 1-2 loss to Yugoslavia. In that match, João Preguinho scored the first goal for Brazil in the World Cup. However, in the second match, Brazil got its first win. Beat Bolivia 4-0. However, being second in the group, Brazil did not play in the semis.

Brazil’s failure to win the World Cup in 1950 was extremely costly. There was no final in this World Cup. The best four groups from the first round of the World Cup held with 13 teams get a chance to the next stage. Brazil, Spain, Sweden and Uruguay – four group champions advanced to the second round. Where Brazil beat Sweden 7-1 in the first match. Ademir de Menezes scored four goals alone in the match. Brazil defeated Spain 1-6 in the next match. On the other hand, Uruguay faced Brazil with one win and one draw in two matches. The last match was held at Maracana Stadium. Brazil will win the first World Cup if they can draw the game. Brazil lost the match with 1-2 goals despite going ahead in such a situation. Uruguay won their second World Cup. It took many years for Brazil to mourn this. “Maracana Tragedy” is still permanently etched in the minds of the people of Brazil.

Brazil’s ‘Jules Rimet’ World Cup Success:

In 1958, Brazil got a chance to forget the ‘Maracana Tragedy’. In the first game of the World Cup held in Sweden, Pele received the best emerging star award of the tournament. Recorded multiple goals in the World Cup at the youngest age. Balck diamond scored the youngest goal in the final. Brazil got their first taste of World Cup victory by winning 5-2 in the final against hosts Sweden.

Brazil won the next World Cup in 1962. This time, however, Pele was injured in the second match of the group. But Garinncha appeared as a hero. Brazil beat Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final.

Brazil’s third World Cup came in 1970. This time the hero was Jorginho. He scored seven goals in the tournament. And Pele scored four goals including one in the final. Brazil beat Italy to win the third World Cup. And with that, the then ‘Jules Rimet’ trophy was given forever to Brazil.

Failure of the greatest team of all time:

Brazil’s 1982 team is said to be the best squad ever to not win the World Cup. The first two stages of the 26-team tournament were group-based. Brazil won three matches in the first round and entered the second round. There was a group of Brazil with Italy and Argentina. Brazil beat the previous champions Argentina 3-1 to lead the way to the semis. But they lost the next match against Italy. This match is still known as one of the most memorable matches of the World Cup. At that time, Socrates, Zico, Falcao, Junior, Juninho are the world’s best stars in the Brazil team. But not being able to win the World Cup with them is still a surprise. Brazil failed in 1986 with almost the same team. Besides, Brazil’s loss to Argentina in the knock out phase in 1990 was incredible. No one would have been surprised if Brazil won the entire match with a single goal. But in the end, against the trend of the game, Argentina won with Claudio Caniggia’s goal.

Later, Brazil played three consecutive finals from 1994 to 2002. Two of which won. Lost to France in the 1998 final.

Overall record of World Cup:

Brazil has reached the final six times in all World Cup games. Five titles. Although second in 1950, there was no final in Seva. And the semi-final was played four times (the final was not counted). He left the quarter finals six times.

Cafu has the most 20 matches for Brazil. He is the World Cup winning captain of Brazil in 2002. Ronaldo’s number of World Cup matches is 19. And the maximum goal for Brazil is 15. Pele has 13 goals.

Brazil and Germany have played the most 109 matches in the World Cup. But Brazil won. Brazil has 73 wins and second place Germany has 67 wins. The number of goals is also the highest in Brazil, 229.

Brazil’s international success:

In addition to five World Cups, Brazil has won 9 Copa Americas, a maximum of four FIFA Confederations Cups and two Pan American Championships. There are two Olympic golds. Besides, they won 17 invitational trophies like Copa de France.

Brazil has received the honor of the best team of the year according to FIFA 12 times. Out of which only Brazil got this honor for a record seven consecutive years from 1994-2000. However, after 2006, Brazil did not win this title. Therefore, even if they are the number one ranked team in FIFA, they cannot be called the world’s best!

Road to Qatar:

Brazil had a great time in the Latin American qualifiers. Under Tite, Brazil have not lost a match in World Cup qualifying. Out of 17 matches played so far, Brazil has won 14 and drawn 3. Brazil is going to the World Cup from the top of Latin region with maximum 45 points. A match against Argentina was cancelled. The top position of the Seleção was confirmed without knowing the result of that match.

Brazil has scored a maximum of 40 goals in 17 World Cup qualifiers. Where Argentina in second place and Ecuador in fourth place scored equal 27 goals. In terms of goals conceded, Brazil also conceded the least 5 goals in the qualifiers.

Neymar scored 8 goals for Brazil in the qualifiers. And Richarlison had 6 goals.

Strength and Weaknesses of Brazil:

Dani Alaves, Thiago Silva, Casemiro’s career ends in Qatar World Cup. Even for Neymar, this could be the last World Cup. Although he is only 30 years old, he has the potential to play at least one more World Cup. But with the injury-prone Neymar, early predictions become a little risky.

Brazil is undefeated since losing to Argentina in the Copa America final at home in 2021. The team has a combination of experience and youth. At the moment, two of the best goalkeepers in the world, Alisson Becker and Ederson, are in the Brazil squad. In the defense, Brazil is gathering with Thiago Silva, Danilo, Dani Alaves, Alexandro, Alex Telles, Eder Militao and Marquinhos. Casemiro is still the main hope of the team in the midfield. Besides Lucas Paqueta, Fred, Fabini are also there.

Neymar, Vinicius Junior, Rafinha, Richarlison are in great form in attack. Besides, Gabriel Jesus and Rodrigo are also able to handle the situation.

However, the concern is that, despite being number one in the FIFA ranking or the selection of the Latin region, there are still questions about the success of Brazil’s World Cup. There is a possibility that Brazil will face the knock out stage especially against the strong team of Europe. Just as it happened in the last two seasons against Belgium and Germany. In the previous two tournaments, Brazil had to leave after losing to France and Holland. This time too there is such fear. In addition, the age of Brazil’s defensive players and the absence of Casemiro in the midfield could hurt Brazil.

Rising stars of Brazil team:

Vinicius Jr. is the most talented of Brazil’s rising stars. He has been instrumental in Real Madrid’s recent Champions League and La Liga wins. The 22-year-old winger scored 22 goals in 52 games last season. Real Madrid won the title with his only goal in the Champions League final. He scored 10 goals in 21 matches this season. The number of goals in 16 matches for Brazil is 1.

Richarlison, who has performed consistently for the English club Everton for the past four seasons, is now in Tottenham. He has scored 2 goals in 14 matches in the current season. The number of goals in the club career is 88. He has already won the Summer Olympics and the 2019 Copa America for Brazil. He became the best scorer in the Olympics with five goals. The 25-year-old forward scored 17 goals in 38 matches in Brazil’s jersey.

Another Brazilian winger Rafinha is playing in Barcelona. He has scored five goals in 11 matches for Brazil.

Gabriel Jesus started with great potential but could not prove himself yet. However, he seems to have regained himself in Arsenal this season. He has scored 5 goals in 19 matches for the Gunners so far. Assisting regularly. The English club is now at the top of the points table. The great contribution of Jesus. Jesus, who scored 19 goals in 56 matches for the Selecao, won the 2019 Copa America.

Strength of experience:

Thiego Silva will be seen as one of the most experienced players in the Brazil team in Qatar World Cup. He has already participated in three World Cups for the country. The 37-year-old veteran led Brazil in the 2014 World Cup on home soil. The tournament in Qatar is definitely going to be his last World Cup. He won the Copa America and the Confederations Cup for Brazil. He has already played 109 matches for Brazil. Thiago, who won a total of 29 titles in club football, is currently playing in the English club Chelsea. In the last World Cup of his life, he will enter the field with the aim of bringing Brazil the sixth title.

28-year-old Marquinhos is one of the soldiers of the Brazilian defense. He played 71 matches for the country and scored 5 goals. He was a member of Brazil’s Olympic gold medal winning team in 2016. Won the 2019 Copa America. Since 2013, he has been an integral part of the Paris Saint Germain team in France. Marquinhos’ biggest quality is that he can play in central defender, right back and even defensive midfielder position if the team needs it. So he is able to adapt himself to any strategy of the teat.
Nothing new to say about Dani Alaves. In the light of experience, the coach of Brazil took him to Qatar.

Neymar is the hope of the team as usual:

It is clear that Neymar, who was once considered the main rival of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, will be planning Brazil’s mission to win the World Cup with Neymar. However, due to injuries, he had to stay out of the field for a long time in his career. It is doubtful whether there is anyone else in the history of football who has suffered more injuries than Neymar. Along with that, there is his arrogant and whimsical lifestyle. Neymar has made negative headlines many times for partying and drinking the night before a football match. But despite all this, Brazil still has to keep Neymar as one of the best players in the world.

Just looking at the latest World Cup qualifiers shows just how important Neymar is to Brazil. Due to injury, he played only 10 matches in the selection. He scored the second highest eight of the season there. Where Bolivia’s Marcelo Marino is at the top with 10 goals after playing 16 matches. And Luis Suarez of Uruguay played 14 matches to score eight goals. So far, he has scored 75 goals in 121 matches for Brazil.
He has been playing for PSG since the beginning of the 2022-23 season. Scored 15 goals and 12 assists in 19 matches. At the beginning of his career, young Neymar seems to be available in 2022. Everyone wants to see this Neymar in Qatar World Cup.

Brazil’s fight in the World Cup:

Brazil will play in the ‘G’ group in the World Cup. The other three teams in this group are Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon. The group is not easy at all. Serbia is directly in the qualifying round of the European region. That too by pushing teams like Portugal to the second place in the group. Dragon Stojkovic is the coach of the team. Who was one of the best stars of the time. Stojkovic took charge of the team after failing to qualify for Euro 2020. Since then, he has turned Serbia into a great team. In the 2018 World Cup, Serbia was in the same group with Brazil. Brazil won that match 2-0.

Brazil drew 1-1 in the last World Cup against Switzerland, another team in the group. Shakiri’s Switzerland will give Brazil a tough test in the World Cup in Qatar. On the other hand, Cameroon is an established power in Africa and a familiar face of the World Cup. With this, the country is going to participate in the World Cup for the eighth time. Cameroon have one win in their five encounters with Brazil, at the 2003 Confederations Cup. Brazil have won the remaining four times against Cameroon. In the 1994 World Cup, the only meeting between the two teams, Brazil beat Cameroon 3-0.

Serbia and Switzerland will be strong opponents for Brazil in the group. The Swiss, ranked 14th in the FIFA rankings, are favorites to advance to the next round with Brazil from this group. However, if Serbia, which is in the 25th position of the ranking, does something wrong, the pattern of the group may change.

The problem is, the team that emerged from the ‘G’ group will play the team from the ‘H’ group in the next knock out phase. It could be Portugal or Uruguay. Or Ghana and South Korea. Let’s say, Brazil is the champion in their group and Portugal is the runner-up in their group. In that case, the two teams will face each other in the last sixteen. Even if it’s the other way around, two favorites will meet. On that case, football spectators get a chance to enjoy a great match, but one of the teams has to leave. It will tarnish the color of the World Cup to some extent.

Brazil’s Squad:

Goalkeeper – Alisson Becker, Ederson, Weverton

Defence – Marquinhos, Eder Militao, Thiago Silva, Alexandro, Bremer, Dani Alaves, Alex Telles, Danilo

Midfield – Fabinho, Casemiro, Bruno Guimaraes, Fred, Lucas Paquita, Everton Ribeiro

Forwards – Neymar Jr., Vinicius Jr., Rodrigo, Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison, Anthony, Rafinha, Pedro, Gabriel Martinelli


Brazil is undoubtedly one of the most successful teams in world football. But I want to win the World Cup football trophy by luck. Brazil has not won the World Cup with the best squad more than once. Although this year’s team is very balanced, there are doubts about whether it is the best.