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Argentina’s final today

Kriralok Desk: A football team like Argentina after losing to Saudi Arabia now has to think about going to the knockouts. Argentina football fans in Bangladesh believe that Argentina will beat Poland today and go to the last sixteen. Argentinian fans are also speculating about who the opponent will be.

But sitting on the World Cup stage in Doha, Qatar, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni is not thinking like that. Reality in his thoughts. Messi’s coach will take Poland as a strong team. He has also arranged the plan for the match. He explained that he is not willing to disclose the plan of the battlefield in the press conference, when he was asked by a Polish journalist.

Scaloni said, “What will happen in the last sixteen is the next matter. Now we have to beat Poland, that’s my plan.”

Due to the first rate, many calculations have to be done now. The Argentina-Poland match will be played at the same time as the Mexico-Saudi Arabia game. Mexico has 1 point, while Saudi Arabia leads with 3 points. Messi got 3 points but they are second in the table due to goal average.

Argentinian player Lisandro Martinez arrived at the press conference of the Argentina-Poland match in Doha last night. Argentina is not willing to bring Messi to the press conference. The coach is letting him be in his own way. Martinez is a defensive player. The responsibility will fall on him to stop the Polish star footballer Lewandowski.

What is Martinez planning? Martinez very nicely avoided the question of what he was thinking. He said, “We are focusing on the game. There are few defenders in the football world who do not think of Ballon d’Or winning footballer Lewandowski. There is a Martinez. Why not reveal that you have thoughts about Lewandowski? He is also a professional footballer. This is his first World Cup debut. The Man United footballer said to Lewandowski’s question, “We should focus on the 90-minute game.”

Argentina is a Copa America champion. With that success comes the question of the World Cup. Martinez says, “It is not right to compare the World Cup with the Copa. The Copa is a tough football stage. And the World Cup is another stage, where the best 32 countries in the world of football are fighting. Martinez said, “Our best XI in the World Cup was not rested. Even so, I am saying that it is not allowed to take pressure here. We discussed ours. After losing the Saudi match, we sat with ourselves. Now we have to prove it with our style of play.” 36 match unbeaten Argentina. Is it a shame to lose against a team like Saudi? “You have to learn from here,” said Martinez. “Sustained success actually forgets many things, it has taught us.”

After Martinez left, Argentina coach Leon Scalino came to the press conference. This is the first time Scalino got the responsibility of the main team. He has brought a big challenge to the World Cup. He was heavily criticized after losing to Saudi Arabia. After defeating Mexico 2-0 in the second match, they silenced the critics, but now Resh is on the World Cup stage.

Coming to the press conference, coach Scaloni also faced questions about Poland. Scaloni is afraid of Poland. This Argentinian coach knows what Poland can do. Scaloni made it clear that Poland will attack Argentina’s style of play. The normal game will not be allowed to play. “Poland is not a star-based team like Argentina.”

“It’s a tough moment, even if it’s not star-driven,” Scaloni said. Apart from Lewandowski, Poland have no stars, but they have skill, the game is very first. We have to attack and play.’ Coach Scalino was speaking in Argentinian language. When a reporter asked a question in English, Scaloni said, “I understand your English,” before switching to Argentinian. Bale said in the language of Argentina, ‘The eleven that I played against Mexico will remain. I have not lost Poland first, then I will think about the opponent of the knockout.” His words are clear. Today is the final of Argentina! The game will start at 1 pm according to the time of Bangladesh.