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The team of Sabina is still concerned

Kriralok Desk: The team of Sabina is still concerned even though, they have already defeated India. Bangladesh wants to be very careful despite defeating strong India in the SAFF Women Championship. Starting from the team management, the girls of Bangladesh do not want to drown in joy. That’s why coach Golam Rabbani Chhotan’s disciples are continuing to practice without resting even after getting their first win against India.

On Wednesday (September 14), the Bangladesh women’s football team sweated in practice at the Army Headquarters field. Despite the hard work, the red-green jersey holders were seen practicing in a cheerful mood and with double enthusiasm.

The main goal of Bangladesh this time is the SAFF title, so Sabina Khatun’s team is not satisfied with being the group champion. Even after defeating current champions India 3-0, Bangladesh are very cautious about themselves. In the finals, the strong India of the subcontinent can block the way of Bangladesh again with more power. In addition, Bhutan, who secured a place in the last four from B-group, is also considered as a very capable opponent. That is why everyone in the party is so careful.

At the end of yesterday’s practice, Bangladesh striker Sirat Jahan Swapna said, “I did what I did here to cheer after defeating India. Had dinner after going to the hotel and many people had pain in their feet, they took ice bath and treatment. All in all, our goal now is to be ready for the semi-finals.”

She said, “At this moment our main goal is the final. Since our goal is to play in the final, we must clear the semi-final barrier to fulfill that goal. Bhutan is also a very good team. There is no opportunity to underestimate any opponent team. I want to play in the semi-final keeping the same consistency as the previous match. I hope we can secure the final by giving a good game.”

Referring to the feeling of losing to India, Swapna said, “India is definitely a better team than us.” They are 5 time champions. There is no telling how it will feel to win against them.

The team’s defender Shiuli Azim said, “The reason for celebrating in a different way after winning the match is that we were able to prove the determination we had on the field to become group champions. But the joy of winning was done on the field. As of today (Wednesday) morning, it is no longer with us. From now on, our full focus is on the semi-finals. This is a very important match on the way to the final.”

She said that Bhutan, the opponent of the semi-final, is also a very strong opponent. So there is no scope to underestimate them. Of course, in the semi-finals, we will enter the field to win.

Krishna Rani Sarkar, who got the man of the match award against India, said, “I won with India.” Everyone is happy with it. But there are two matches ahead. Semi-Finals and Finals. I want to celebrate winning these two titles.”

Mentioning the victory against India as important, she said, “Actually, this is my best match at the senior level. Winning against India is the biggest achievement. There was a fighting match. I managed to score in that match. All in all, this match is the best for me at the moment.”

Krishna also said, “Earlier in the senior division against India, we had to concede 5/6 goals. Now there are many changes in the team. We have been together for about six or seven years. Since 2016. So what sir (coach) said is right. The turn of the day has begun in our girls’ football. The proof of which is the match against India.”

Krishna, the architect of the victory against India, said, “No one could beat India for sure. Before this, neither Bangladesh nor Nepal. we lost This is a testament to the faith we entered the field with and the hard work we put in. Now if the creator helps, then we will take the trophy to Bangladesh.”