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Sabina wants to give more trophies to the country

Kriralok Desk: Bangladesh has returned as the clear women’s champion for the first time after defeating Nepal in their own field. The whole country is bursting with joy at such an achievement. Even after two days, the frenzy has not abated. Rather, everyone gave a royal welcome to the champions on their return home. Captain Sabina Khatun expressed gratitude to the countrymen for so much love.

“Expressing gratitude to the 16 crore people of Bangladesh. We are truly grateful to those who have honored us with such honor today.”

Sabina thanked the coach, BAFF President, Mahfuza Ahmed Kiran and team director Paul Smalley for contributing to the team’s achievement. In the future, he wants to make the people of the country happy by giving more trophies, said the top scorer and the best player of the tournament.

“The aim will be to keep the people of the country happy like this. Because after all this, there is no time to say anything, how much the people of Bangladesh are addicted and love football. You have always been with me and will continue to support me in the future. Hope we will give the country some more trophies.”

Earlier on Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm, the champions reached BFF Bhavan after a royal journey from the airport in an open-top bus. It took more than four hours for Krishna-Sabina to reach the building of the country’s highest football body. There was no sign of fatigue in the long journey. Sabina, Maria and their team entered the BFF office with a smile on their faces and were soaked in the love of the fans.

Federation President Kazi Salauddin welcomed the girls at BFF Bhavan. Members of boys’ under-16 and girls’ under-15 football teams also welcomed them with flowers. At 8:30 Sabina, Choton and some others faced the journalists.