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Sabina wants a respectable honorarium

Kriralok Desk: Many of the footballers who became women’s SAFF champions, came from remote areas. Their family’s financial system is also not very active. They have built a fence house on their own land and made it a place to hide their head. Football is their only hope. But in football, when the remuneration is nominal, the hope of holding on slowly starts to fade.

The thought of changing came immediately after becoming the clear champion. In the crowd of festivities and joy, the topic of female footballers’ remuneration also became a topic of discussion. Where Sabina Khatun is several times behind compared to male footballers. However, male footballers are not officially paid by BFF. In the past few days, a storm of questions has been thrown on BFF president Kazi Salauddin regarding salary discrimination. BFF President assured to pay respectable salary after discussion with the champions yesterday.

Currently, female footballers are getting a maximum salary of 12,000 taka in three categories. After giving one of the best achievements in the country’s sports arena, Sabina did not forget to raise the deserved claim, “Girls really have no end to what they want. Sir (Salauddin) assured that some things of practice, salary of girls and ancillary needs will be fulfilled. Girls will be paid a respectable salary. I think only footballers get paid after cricket and I’m positive and that’s the biggest thing for me. Because whatever I get is enough for me. Of course since the girls are doing well, I think we deserve better. They also think that our salary should be increased. So let’s see!”

The footballers will stay in the BFF building for the next few days. They have been given leave from September 28. They will return to the camp after the 20-day holiday. Focus on the plan to be the best in Asia. The Bangladesh captain said, “Now that Bangladesh is the best team in South Asia. So we will be thinking about moving forward. As a player, I think especially the senior team that we have now is mature. Girls are playing with more professionalism and understanding. Salahuddin Sir said that he thought we will win SAFF in 2024. But we proved it earlier. The extent to which women’s football has progressed is visible. If the federation continues, we will be in a better position in Asia.”