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Cristiano, be ready to fulfill your three responsibilities

Kamrul Hasan Nasim

Undoubtedly, your competitor is news media. Basically, nobody was able to be your competitor as a footballer. Only media and the dark energy of football was able to become your competitor. That was the reason you don’t have seven Ballon d’Ors beside your name. But you proved yourself in the field that you are nothing less than Pele and Maradona. But they didn’t have the ability to perform in the way you did.

Forget about all the statistics. Forget about all the records. You yourself said that you don’t run after records, records run after you. You are the all time leading top goal scorer for national teams. You are the top scorer in the football history with your official goals. By standing on such a stage of your career, what else do you need to you? The answer is, you need to win two World Cups and make Sporting Lisbon win the title of Champions League. You need to take three decisions to make such things happen. God bless you !

First decision— choose Sporting Lisbon as your club. Play for this club for five years. Logically, you will be able to play the Champions League for four to five times. By taking a challenge, take the initiative to make your childhood’s club the best in Europe. On behalf of the group, you should score goals and make them score goals by leading the group. This world believes that you will be able to play until 2026.

Second decision—Give some time to your country. Make psychological relationships with your national team, coach, coaching stuffs and your contemporary intelligent national players. Increase your time to do more home works.

Apart from doing the exercises of clubs and national teams, make a bonding with them where you can be an indomitable entity of Portugal by rescuing the interest of football. By making a marathon plan with your friend Pepe and Ricardo Quaresma and play the World Cup of 2022. Later, take the preparation to play the World Cup of 2026 with Rafael Leao, Renata, Guedes, Bernando Silva and many other tallent names.

Till then Pepe and Quaresma will already say goodbye to football. You should start to inspire and give the announcement that your friend Quaresma must be included in the World Cup 2022. Everyone knows that you are good at doing head goals. Though Silva, Guedes, Leao or Bruno are good at passing football and Rafael Gurerra, Nuno Mendes or Cancelo are good at doing crosses, but subject to get goals, Quaresma is the one who is the best for assist. You can’t deny it ! So, you must take the initiative to include Quaresma in Portugal’s national team. Call your bossom friend for the last time !

Third decision-— You have to continue playing for the club and the national team until 2026. In this way, you can play two World Cups, Uefa Nations League for the fourth time and Champions League for four times more. Besides, you can also play the Euro of 2024. You will fight for 11 big trophies in total. If you will have a few of trophies and another two hundred goals beside your name, your name will be intangible compared to the other great footballers in the history.

Let the news media do whatever they want. Let the football mafias run after you. When you will be no longer in the field, everyone will burst out by crying. They will write and say that you were the greatest, greatest of all time.