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Rudiger calls Benzema the best striker of all time

Kriralok Desk: The contract to move from Chelsea to Real Madrid was signed several days ago. Joining the new camp, the five-faced German defender praised his teammate Karim Benzema. The 29-year-old Antonio Rudiger calls the French forward the best striker of all time.

“After Ronaldo left, Benzema has matched himself, proved his worth. In my opinion, he is the best striker of the present time. He has abilities. He can read the situation of the game very well. “

Benzema did not get a place in the French squad in the last World Cup. He also spent a lot of bad time in Real’s jersey. However, Swarup has returned without paying attention to those times. Rudiger believes that Benzema’s tough mentality has now led him to the pinnacle of success.

“It simply came to our notice then. At one point he wanted to leave Real. But the fact that he has survived is an expression of his tough mentality. He was not called up to the French national team. What happened? He has won four Champions Leagues since then.”

Karim Benzema is spending this season like a dream for Real Madrid. The 34-year-old forward is on the verge of winning La Liga for the fourth time. There is also a chance to win the Eurospera badge for the fifth time in a white jersey. He has also set more than one personal record.

Benzema has scored 44 goals so far this season, the second highest for a Real player. He is also the second highest goal scorer in Real history with 323 goals in 603 matches.