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Nasim’s autopsy and Manchester United

Kriralok Desk: Kriralok magazine’s Editor in Chief writes on his social media and claimed it as an autopsy about Manchester United.

He says, “Countless supporters around the world are upset. Those who are the supporters of Manchester United are being talked about. They had a hint of doing well last season. Besides, the best player of all time was thought to be in the team for the 2021-22 season, but now I will show it!”

“No, they could not show anything. They could not manage in any format. Neither in the FA Cup, the Champions League nor in the Premier League matches — could not. Why not?”

“Someone says, coaching and coaching problems. Problems with game formation! Someone said at one point, Cristiano himself is a problem. Towards the end of the season, everyone shouted in unison, “Harry Maguire, that’s the problem.” He doesn’t have a captaincy, he can’t even play on the field.”

“Of course, no statement is false except on the occasion of Cristiano. However, an autopsy of their team can be done. Because, I have seen every moment of every match in Manchester this time. Let’s go !”

He added, ” Coach Solskjær— This man is good. The player never wanted to lose in his life. The spirit was in the mind. That guy went crazy after seeing Cristiano this season. The man Cristiano, whom he saw as his co-player, who had tested the field scenario of his becoming king, would play from his coaching, which Solskjær could not adapt to”

“Meanwhile, he started giving importance to the English players day after day to sort out the XI of the match. There is only one reason. Cristiano should not be too masterful. Although Cristiano is very professional, it is not clear why Solskjær thought so. Rather, it was his chance to create a mind-boggling occasion from day to day in the marathon conversation with Cristiano — which, I think, made the team relentless. But he did wreak havoc on the team, like a trade union with coaching staff and English players.”

“When he was the coach, the ones he kept on the field were David de Gea, who would lead the goal line. He will have to play Bisca, Maguire, Lindelof and Luke Shaw in defense. Such a line-up means, very politically.”

“Manchester United 90’s AC Milan is not all defenders of the race, who will also represent Italy! If you want to represent England, you have to come with qualifications. They also played with a Swedish Lindelof in defense or as a substitute for Frenchman Raphaël Varane or Bailey on the Ivory Coast. In other words, Harry Maguire will play as a stopper back, any foreigner with him.”

“Thinking about the team, Solskjær could not make a revolution. At the instigation of the English coaching staff, Bisca’s alleged overlapping charges, inability to deliver the ball, Maguire’s erroneous passing day after day, inability to clear the ball and running like a donkey as a left wing back would drive so far to the opponent’s boundary. Opponents’ attacking players came in with the ball and scored goal after goal. But Solskjær seemed to be awake and asleep.”

“Short in the middle, Fred was played as the main weapon. I can’t believe that he can play with his own physical ability. It was done by either Solskjær or Rangnick. Bruno Fernandez is expected to make a comeback this season, as he did last season. But Bruno has not been able to stand out from the rest of the season with a self-centered game and a lackluster performance in the big matches. If he had taken the initiative not to play 8-10 matches in a row by giving him a place in the reserve bench, he would have turned around for his own needs. Instead, the solicitors targeted Cristiano. Where do you find the courage to put a person who has scored nearly 600 goals in club football on the bench?”

“A law was enacted that would not have been possible without Fred, Bruno, and Scottish McNeill. Fred didn’t get the ball, at least in almost every match. Bruno was busy scoring his own goals, excluding long passes and crosses, and McTominay had to play defensively in every match due to the weakness of the special four defenders. It has been seen throughout the season.”

“However, if Serbian Sergeant Matic, French legend Paul Pogba and Spanish mother had not been replaced, Pogba, Matic and McTominay would have had some results. Pogba was dropped at the beginning and end of the season. Matich has been neglected. Manchester could not take control of the midfield in any match this time. Not even in the winning match.”

He added, “However, Bruno has the potential to be a successor to Paul Scholes. There is nothing new to say about Pogba. I saw Matic’s ability to control the ball. But Man United had no midfield, playing Fred day after day and capturing Bruno’s indifference and McTominay format. On the other hand, no one was in form. Pogba was a flop until he played!”

“Why Manchester could not win with medium and small teams? Here, too, Solskjær failed. Because, the example of those who were arranging the attack by throwing the ball in the opponent’s D-box has not been seen this season.”

“Sancho, who was named as the left winger, seems to have 300-400 goals next to his name right now. At his age Cristiano, I doubt if he understands what Giggs did on the field!”

“Sancho wears a Manchester United jersey, but the ball displays skill on his feet. Who sent the ball to which destination? Crossed D box? Thru? Centered? No, he did nothing. Instead, he played like crazy to score a goal when he got a chance. His job is to provide the ball for the striker. He did not. He has considered himself a very tall player. There are many similarities between this Sancho and the Portuguese Joao Felix. They think, Great. Wrong, your career is just beginning, you haven’t done anything yet.”

“Just like the right winger who was meeting the need, the same situation as that Sancho. Name, Greenwood. An example of thinking one hundred alone. Or quite good on the legs. There is work in the game. But he also thought, Great! Goal alone. But Greenwood doesn’t know what a right winger does. I mean, he doesn’t know. Nothing happened to Solskjær ‘s coaching. Why couldn’t he tell Sancho and Greenwood that you would give the ball to Cristiano. He is also good at head, if you say so, I will also play Rashford or Cavani as another striker. In that case, I would like to have confidence in Pogba and McTominay and Bruno and Matic as their replacements. Solskjær could not show this courage. Two strikers with two winger and two central midfielders. Cavani or Rashford or Lingard as the main strikers. Cristiano as Falls Nine.”

“I would say, two wingers could not do anything for the team without education. In addition, Rashford lost his form by being trapped in where to play and how to play.”

“Sancho and Greenwood —- playing them was also part of the political process. Whether they play in the England national team, Manchester United was the platform, the team lost by trying to prove it naked.”

“At one point he had to say, good bye!”

“Living with experience and an indomitable mentality, Carrick had a good time as a coach. But there was a gentleman who wrote a poem in his body language saying that he would take Cristiano by the hand without catching the disease of Manchester United.”

“As this went on, he finally realized that he had done something wrong. Why did I do that? Whose persuasion? One morning he regained consciousness and said that Cristiano would refer to Ten Hague to play for Manchester. Such a statement is also ridiculous. Have mercy on Cristiano! Is Ten Hag bigger than Cristiano? Impossible. He will play if he wants, he will go elsewhere if he doesn’t want to.”

Nasim said moreover, ” Rangnick is the most ineffective coach I’ve ever met. Who has personality but does not have Imamate. He played young Elanga after the Greenwood scandal. This boy is young. But there is still a long way to go to qualify for Manchester. When he plays the ball goes out of control, going to form a fast entity. As a right winger, it is difficult for him to get a place in South Asian football.”

“Mini Hazard, named Sancho, destroyed the team by becoming a ball player. Nothing will ever happen to him. But he did what he could. But that does not serve the interests of the big club. Rashford may not be in form, but he will be back someday. Lingard was forgotten. Rangnick did not play him either.”

“In the middle he wanted to play Matic or Mata towards the end, by which time Manchester had dropped out of everything. It will take another two to three years for Dalot to become a right back, even if Bicak is left to play Dalot as a right back. So Manchester will need someone new to this position. They need a stopper back. For the new season.”

“Brazilian Fred has to leave Manchester. No matter he wants or not, Pogba is leaving. So Manchester will have to take 2 to 3 midfielders. Matich and Mata are also missing. Alex Tales is also not a left wing back. But if you give him time, he will be able to give good service one day. He has coached Rangnick this season. But could not fill the mind. But one day you can.”

“Something new would have happened if German citizens had played in the Rangini 4–2-4 formation. Is to take risks. He, for one, didn’t seem to understand Sancho and Elanga at all. Getting a goal is the success of a coach. That round became like a mirage for them. If Cristiano had not scored the goals on his own initiative, there is a chance to find out if he would have been relegated this time. However, Rangnick still thinks it would be great to have a striker! The man did not realize that he had no defenses, that the midfield was ineffective and that he did not know the two wings to attack in modern football!”

“De Gea introduced Munsiana to the goal. However, a keeper must also use his hands and feet to deliver the ball. There is no need for a standard in that place, but a standard. Gia needs to practice a lot more here. If he can give Dalot a chance as a right back, one day he will be a big player. Varane needs at least a world-class central defender. Let Harry play in a small team.”

Nasim lastly said, “Since Rangnick has become the coach of the Austrian team, it would be better to release him. Let Ten Hague come and prepare the youth of the Netherlands for the reserve bench. But you need a star. It would be nice to have hardworking footballers from Argentina and Mexico. Let Cristiano leave in June or January 2023, Man U. He will now focus on the League of Nations, the World Cup. Most likely he will leave Manchester after the World Cup. And if Embappe moves to Real Madrid, then you can suddenly go to PSG. Manchester Neymar is a sheep in the team. Something great could happen then!”