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Brian Lara likes Nasim’s post on social media

Kriralok Desk: ‘Kriralok’ has been a leading sports magazine since the last thirty years in Bangladesh. It always proves to be in the first place to provide perfect sports news. Kriralok’s Editor in chief is Kamrul Hasan Nasim.

Recently, he shared a post about Brian Lara. The post was basically to wish Brian Lara on his Birthday.

Nasim in his personal Facebook profile wrote a huge message for Brian Lara. He wrote, ” No, he is not the so called cricketing God of Hindustan ! He is the greatest of all time. Brian is the real God of cricket.”

” It’s true that Viv Richards was very good, may be Don Bradman was the first superstar of Cricket. Yeah, Chris Gayle is the most attacking batsman I have ever seen. Sachin Tendulkar was more consistent performer but branded crop of cricket mafia—- Brian Charles Lara was exceptional. Yes, he made 501 first class career record, Lara made 375 runs individual highest score and when he loosed his record by Mathew Haiden, again he made 400 not out—- this type of innings proved that Lara’s ability was too much more than others.”

He added, ” Lara, when he was captain for West Indies and four match test series against Aussi began– First match at port of Spain in Trinidad, West Indies all out with only 51 runs ! Calypso waves told that you ( Lara) should resign. Then Lara made 213 against Australia in second test match and Steve Waugh team loose that test match. Lara proved why he is the goat, when he made 153 not out historical test innings in third test match— and West Indies won by 1 wicket ! Series lastly finalized 2-2 !”

” Richi Beno, commmentator and ex cricket player of Aussi— To see Lara’s first test century 277 at Sydney against Australia, Beno told this the best test ininnigs after second world war.”

” Lara, You are the greatest. Your different strokes and classical attitude on the field seems like one of the best journey I have seen in my life. Because I observed you and till today— I believe that Lara is the real Sir of Cricket. Don’t wait for UK mafia. You are the Sir !”

“Happy Birthday Dear ! See you soon.”

Nasim has always proved his intelligence about being a special observer in all kinds of sports. Through the words he said about Lara, everyone can see the unconditional love of Nasim towards Lara.

On the other hand, Brian Lara also, with his kind heart, showed his love towards Nasim by reacting to his post.