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‘We are in need of providing more to Man City’

Kriralok Desk: With a six-year contract, City’s jersey seems to have worn off on field football. While at Aston Villa, the English forward lacked the ability to score or score goals. The percentage of creating big opportunities in the field has also decreased. Punishment for misbehavior off the field, having to spend time on the sidebench during the match.

While that was going on, Grillish said he wanted to give more to Man City. Promised to score more goals for the new year and find the net with teammates.

“I’m still doing well,” Grillish said in an interview. The task is much more difficult than I thought. I’m still learning and adapting. “

‘I heard it takes a year to adjust here. Maybe it’s going to happen to me too. I want to score more goals. I want to create more goal opportunities next year. ‘

“If you have a 100 million price tag, when you go through a bad time, people will ask, ‘Where’s his goal, where’s his assist?’ I have to take it as a special advantage. The club is spending so much for me. I hope I can repay them with goals and titles. “

‘Playing in the Champions League is completely different from playing in the Premier League. I have never played in Europe before. It’s great to hear the music of the Champions League. It awakens my inner being. It’s a trophy that players want to win. “

Grillish prefers to score than to score. He scored 0.25 percent of his goals every 90 minutes last season. This time it has come down to 0.18 percent. Although the number of shots on the target has increased, everything else has decreased. 0.41 percent assists this time to 0.18, the rate of creating great opportunities decreased to 0.30 percent.

The Englishman has seen the net once after playing 5 matches in the Champions League in Man City. He scored one goal for his teammate. Grilish will start anew in the new year with the best.