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In the next IPL, Dhoni will not play as a player but in another role

এম এস ধোনি পরের বার আইপিএলে অন্য ভূমিকায়?

Kriralok Desk: This time, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s IPL form is not very good. Only 64 runs in 6 matches, average is only 18! Did Chennai Super Kings wanted to see this Dhoni? Due to such form, whether it is Dhoni’s last IPL or not, the discussion has also risen. If Chennai star Shane Watson is right, this may be the last IPL for India’s most successful captain.

But Dhoni himself has said something else. For another season, he has expressed his desire to play in the IPL. His wish is to leave the IPL on Indian soil, not on foreign soil. Dhoni said goodbye to international cricket in an Instagram message in August last year. The Indians have not had a chance to say goodbye to the captain who has won three world tournaments for India. Dhoni wanted to give that opportunity next year. But if Shane Watson’s story is true, it’s very unlikely. The Australian star has said that next year, Dhoni will be seen in a different role, not as a Chennai player. This means he is playing the last IPL in the United Arab Emirates.

Dhoni himself, of course, has an uncertainty. “I am playing for Chennai now,” he told host Danny Morrison during the match against the Punjab Kings. But there is uncertainty about whether I will play for CSK again. Two more teams are coming to IPL next season. We don’t know what the holding policy is. We don’t know how many foreign and Indian cricketers Chennai will be able to hold. ‘

Watson wants to clarify this aspect of Dhoni’s’ uncertainty ‘,’ Dhoni’s answer is completely different from last year. Last time he was confident that he would return to the IPL again. There is uncertainty about what will happen in the auction, what will be the equation when two new teams come. After listening to Dhoni about this, I felt that I am not sure whether he will return as a player or not. He may not be a player tomorrow, but may return as a consultant for the Chennai Super Kings. The role of a consultant is very important in any franchise. ‘