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A good news arrived for Neymar and Brazil from England

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Kriralok Desk: There was no less turbulence last September with this one thing. Brazil finally played three matches in the September qualifiers without footballers from various clubs in the English Premier League.

The footballers who played in the English Premier League for Argentina has played, but in the Brazil-Argentina match on Brazilian soil, there was no scandal about him! In the end, the match was postponed.

This month, in October, Brazil and Argentina will play again in the World Cup qualifiers. Messi is no longer worried that Argentina’s name was dropped from the list of countries on the ‘red list’ for entering England due to Corona, but Brazil is still in the ‘red list’ of England. In that case, there were doubts about whether Brazil would get the eight footballers they played in England in the qualifiers in October.

However, Neymar and Brazil are going to cut that anxiety for now. The English Premier League has announced that players from England’s red-listed countries are getting clearance to play for their national team in this month’s World Cup qualifiers.

But there is a condition. Only players who have taken two doses of the Corona Ticker can leave England to play for the country.

The Premier League has also laid down rules on how players will travel, who will be able to approach them, how often they will be tested, and what to do with biological protection. After entering the UK, however, players must be in a 10-day quarantine at a “pre-determined place”. However, the footballers can go out to play or practice once a day while in quarantine!

A spokesman for the UK government said: “We have worked with football regulators to ensure that the interests of both clubs and national teams are balanced, as well as the best possible way to ensure health care. One of the best shields we’ve ever had against the virus is vaccination, and these steps will help two-dose vaccinated players perform their national team duties in the safest, most practical way possible. “

The October international break will start after the league matches across Europe this week. Brazil will play with Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay in the World Cup qualifiers there. Argentina’s three matches are against Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru.

The United Kingdom has relaxed coronation rules after a series of troubles with England-based players from several countries, including Brazil, in the South American World Cup qualifiers last month. Several countries, including Brazil and Argentina, were on the UK’s “red list” and players from those countries had to stay in quarantine for 10 days after returning to England, which is why clubs did not want to release players. So the conflict between the club and the national team increases.

In September, therefore, Brazil played without England-based Brazilians. This time, Brazil coach Tito has announced the squad for the October qualifiers, leaving the remaining eight out of the nine injured Roberto Firmino.

Tottenham and Aston Villa, however, released four Argentine players in September on alternate arrangements. There, four players returned without playing the last of Argentina’s three qualifying matches. But not directly in the UK, they returned to Croatia. They have got some concessions in the quarantine rules. But in the match against Brazil, there was a problem centering on the game of those four Argentines who left England.

Argentina, however, could be free from worries after finding England-based players in the October match. There has been a rule since Friday that Argentines who have received two doses of the vaccine will no longer have to quarantine if they have a corona negative after entering England.

However, there are questions about the new rules for Brazilian footballers. In the eyes of Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, this is not the right solution. Klopp also explained why, “(after returning to England) they have to stay in quarantine for 10 days.” He will be able to play at the time, go to practice, but will not be able to stay at home. They do not have to stay in the hotel fixed by the authorities, they could have the opportunity to choose the hotel themselves. The food will be brought in front of their room and delivered. They will not be able to meet anyone. This means that players who go on international breaks will spend 10 to 12 days in the national team, followed by 10 days in quarantine. 22 days in all. There is another international break two weeks later. I don’t think that’s the real solution. “

Liverpool’s Alison and Fabini are also in the Brazil squad for the October World Cup qualifiers. Firmino was also with the duo in the squad announced for September. The Brazilian players will not leave the Premier League yet, the club said in a discussion on quarantine before the announcement. The club had questions about the quality of the players’ meals at the hotel, as determined by the authorities during the quarantine.

The Liverpool coach argued that for the fitness of a final-level professional footballer, every day, in addition to rigorous practice, there was an eye on the details of the diet. But the fact that the quality of food during the quarantine is not good means that the players will need a week of extra practice to regain their fitness at the end of the quarantine, which is a big loss for the clubs that play matches every two or three days in a row.