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Ronaldo or Bibars Natcho?

Kriralok Desk: So far, we know that Ronaldo is only left with seven goals to be the best of all time. He is undoubtfully the a great footballer with the utilization of both the legs.

Israel have one record of defeating Portugal in the past. In 1981, Portugal was defeated by Israel by 4 goals during the selection of FIFA World Cup. In 2013, Portugal tried twice to defeat Israel but their obtrusive trials didn’t work. Israel and Portugal had the same score in both the matches at that time. So, it is a bit harder for both the teams to defeat each other.

In the midfield of Portugal, there is in need of a performer along with the attacking midfielder Bruno Fernandes. Now the question is, who will it be? Can it be the defensive midfielder Pereira or Renato Sanches?

It is true that without Cristiano Ronaldo, wining a match is very tough for the entire team.