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League forum against Copper America in Brazil

Many footballers have expressed reluctance to play in Copa America. The World League Forum (WLF) has expressed solidarity with them. This organization of professional footballers has given open letters to the International (FIFA) and the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol). It claims that those who want to withdraw from the tournament should be given a chance.

The WLF covers 40 leagues and participating clubs around the world. They say holding the Copa during the Corona epidemic will have an impact on leagues, clubs and players.

Under the Corona situation, Conmebol decided to hold the highest football event in South America in Brazil from June 13 instead of in Argentina.

According to the WLF, the venue of the tournament has changed in a short time. Arrangements need to be made so that players can withdraw from the tournament. So that the clubs can call the players and create new camps.

The Brazilian national team will play against Paraguay next Wednesday. It is expected that the captain of the team Casimero will decide not to play in the Copa right after that match of the World Cup qualifying round.

Earlier, Brazilian media reported that the country’s footballers do not want the Copa America to be held in their country.