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An open letter to Ronaldo by Cristiano Ronaldo !

Sheikh Aslam/kriralok:

The time was only his. Speaking of Romario. Defenders around the world have no sleep to stop this little Brazilian. Romario won the La Liga title for Barcelona and went straight to the World Cup. At the 1994 World Cup in the United States, there was no team to stop Brazil, but Italy was able to show that we have the ability to win the title and no one can beat us by field goal. Baresi, Costakurta and Malidini’s solid defense became the wall of China– therefore Brazil did not get to the field goal in World Cup final. No, Romario and his teammates Babeto could not break through the Italian defense and reach the goal. Ronaldo Nazario is a teenager on the team’s reserve bench. He tried to play, but he didn’t.

That is why Ronaldo has been seen smiling at the side of Romario who won the tiebreaker in the 94 World Cup final. Although Jagalo did not take the risk of playing him, all the light fell on Ronaldo at the World Cup in France four years later. He was also running. What an unimaginable performance before the final! Suddenly it was heard that there are doubts whether Nazario will be able to play in the final against France! As Baggio did suffer from an injury in the final of ’94, doubts remain as to whether the World Cup would have gone to Brazil ! But what happened to Ronaldo Nazario? There is no news of him getting injured on the field or in practice, while the media reports that Ronaldo is not in a position to play in the final, disappointing countless Brazil fans around the world.

Football scripts aren’t as popular as part of entertainment, but in the final analysis it’s going to be the best Oscar-winning screenplay ever. It was started by one-time FIFA president Havelange. Later, Slave Blatter, Platini and today’s Infantinos — all of them are representatives of the Mafia. They decide who will be the host country of the big events, determine the fixtures of the big events and steal in the draw, they are on a biased mission about who will win the cup, they decide who will get the prize of personal achievement of football, and so on. Michelle Platini, once the golden son of France, is now a great player or a thief. Platini, who once won the Euros in France, has long since fallen behind his compatriot Zinedine Zidane. That is because he was able to become Zidane, a bigger entity as a name, fame and player. Who is the future Platini of the football mafia world? That is the question now. Like Platini, he was a football great, while Ronaldo Nazari, an unofficial FIFA official and owner of the Spanish La Liga team Real Valladolid, is actually claiming to be Platini’s successor. The country’s pioneering sports medium ‘Kriralok’ feels that it is time to talk about whether Nazario is a great player or a formidable mafia.

If you want to bring Ronaldo Nazario’s career to the forefront in a very simple way, you will see that the person who used to score goals with a great speed with a weight of about 110 kg and extra good level skills on his right foot, is also Nazario. He has scored 248 goals in his club career. 62 in 98 matches for the country. That’s enough to prove to any great player. It is said that if he had not been injured, he could have played history for a few more years and made history. Even then, Nazario was a player who was as great as George Best, and Nazario’s similarities can be found in today’s MBappe. But future generations will not be able to place him in the top five of greatest of all time in history by winning two Ballon d’Ors and the 2002 World Cup to get the best place in history. Now many can opinion, because, he is a member of the elite club in the dark of FIFA ministry. He has gradually become one of the regulators of football, like Platini. If Platini had come out in public, it would have been easy to guess that Nazario was living a life like a football mafia by becoming a secret organizer according to the script.

Nazario has also raised a question in recent times and has done so with his mafia clan. Because, Nazario knew he suffered the most in this world – let alone a little later, but Nazario himself became one of the best player of all time in Brazil, playing for Brazil, playing for PSV, playing for Barcelona – Real Madrid, or playing for two Italian clubs Milan. No. Because, even though the standard of play is much better than that of Pele, he has to stay under Pele from the place of respect, even more than a winger Garrincha. Because Garrincha was the real hero of Brazil’s first two World Cups. Zico, on the other hand, was the real Brazilian soccer star, whether he won the seven-match World Cup or not. Similarly, a Nazari could not be included in the list of players born with injuries and injuries, because, he is the best, who can be in the highest level of football for two consecutive decades. Not two eras but at least one and a half eras. There were Pel, Maradona, Eusebio, Stefano, Puskas– Nazario did not even have to cross Romario in that direction. The number of goals, the short Romario nano seconds in the D-box to send the ball into the net, also Stephano, Maradona, Eusebio, Stefano, Puskas were there, today’s Lionel Messi has been playing the best for almost fifteen years despite being autistic. Nazario did not even have to cross Romario in that direction. The number of goals, the short Romario nano seconds in the D-box to send the ball into the net, is also the subject of research. Now if this generation sees any football footage of Nazario, it will seem that a leopard( Tiger) is running on the football field with a ball. What do you think about cheetah or leoprad? Why do you think different? Because, he used to enter the field as a weighty wild being. If today’s Mbappera came on the field with the same weight as him, then he also seemed to be the best cheetah. In fact, the work of the feet was not that of Nazario, like Ronaldinho of his country, but an entity in the modern version of Pele, where he felt different. But many talented people come and go. Without God’s support, Platini would not have won the 1986 World Cup trophy, even though he was the best. He later had to live as a mafia team. Cristiano Ronaldo, another Portuguese, was forced to lose his( nazario) name in God’s judgment. His comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo? How will the next football world? So no matter how hard Nazari tries, with the mafia, with such and such, with such and such, why should his name be close to that of a Christiano in statistics? Nazari himself does not know where to stop. But he died when a Ronaldo was caught almost a decade before his name was printed. However, when the media called Cristiano “little Ronaldo” in 2004, Nazario could not even imagine what the man was going to do. Which has to happen. .While Nazario may have been a phenomenon, or fascinated by the name, the reality is that for 16 years in a row, Cristiano has been on the field with new energy every year, whether you like it or not. Cristiano is trying to tell something wrote a letter to Nzario !

Dear Nazario,

I did what you couldn’t do for Real Madrid. However, you formed a team with the Galacticos. I have proved by showing more skills in my right foot than what you have done with your feet as a weighty entity, I am a million times better than you. Match the rounds on your left leg with mine. If you have the ability to head like me, go to the washroom and look in the mirror again in the looking glass. I know how to play False Nine, I know how to attack with two wings, check if you’ve ever tested it. When I played in Man Utd, I tried again to see if I was a midfielder by attacking from the bottom up. As long as I have played for Real, I have scored more than 1 goal in every match. My strongest opponent, Leo Messi, has been scoring goals for Barcelona all his life, but since the day I went to La Liga, has he been able to score more goals than I have? Dear Nazario, I am not a striker but a forward in history with whom only Leo can be compared. If I hadn’t sorted out midfield football early in my career, I would have scored 1,000 goals by now. My brother, if you play Brazilian League One, calculate the goals of the neighborhood and like Romario, I can’t say that I have scored one and a half thousand goals. Yes, I want to score 1700 goals from the highest level of football. You were quick, but were you faster than me? If you put too much flesh on your body, it seems that you know what is running, that weight has forced you to retire. How many years have you played football at the best level? How many days have you been in the field in 12 years? I was addicted to winning the Euro in 2004, I was little Ronaldo. One day I became Cristiano Ronaldo. I have been playing for 18 years, I don’t know where it will end. I am Ronaldo of football and also Cristiano. Ronaldo’s name doesn’t compare to me, you have to be a phenomenon, stay, not bad. I’m the best Cristiano, and the best Ronaldo ever. This is your cry. In that cry I was able to erase your name. But you could smile. If you don’t be dishonest. You signed a contract with the football mafia in the 1998 World Cup. It has been going on ever since. Received your 2002 World Cup. That team was good but the title was decided for you in advance. And now you are working. Whose job? Football mafia job! This is what you wanted to hand over the 2014 World Cup trophy to Lionel Messi. You want to give it back to Leo Messi in 2022. Go the way you gave him six ballons. But I will score goals, already twice as many goals have come from my feet than you. you are too smart but i don’t feel like saying anything about your recent mission. It is not possible to compare a player of one generation with a player of another generation. But goals, abilities, leadership, the quality of the game proves that no one can compare with Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the name of a complete football entity before the destruction of the world — there is no better chance to come than him.

Dear Nazario,

Your nefarious mission will continue like that of your predecessor Platini. But you are a very clever class. Become a secret organizer and become the best ambassador of the football mafia that you can be happy with. I’ve told you before, and I’m still telling you, you were very talented. But you are not the best in Brazil. Three or four will be five. As I said a few years ago, there has never been a player like me in history. Keep going, but God is one and almighty is with me.