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Germany’s departure from the group stage

Kriralok Desk: The Germans lost to Japan in their first World Cup match in the desert at the World Cup in Qatar. In the next match, Manuel Neuer’s side kept their hopes alive with a 1-1 draw against former champions Spain.

However, the statistics of the last match looked like a win, as well as looking at the results of another match in the Spain-Japan group. It was just such a match. Despite winning 4-2 against Costa Rica, Germany did not gain anything. Spain lost 2-1 to Asian giants Japan. As a result, the four-time world champions had to withdraw from the group stage for the second time in a row despite winning from ‘E’ group.

Germany took the lead with a goal in the 10th minute of the match at Doha’s Al Bait Stadium on Friday (December 2). It went into the break with 1 goal. A little after the start of the second half, the Germans were able to digest the goal.

Yeltsin Tajeda scored the great goal in the 58th minute of the match. Watson’s head was saved by Manuel Neuer. But could not hold the ball. Tajeda shot the return ball and scored.

In the 67th minute, Jamal Musiala’s shot bounced off the side bar, denying Germany a sure goal. Another goal in the 70th minute of the match. Juan Pablo Vargas of Costa Rica scored this time. Vargas heads gently as he floats in the air. Manuel Neuer didn’t notice. The ball hit his feet and went into the German net.

Goal again after three minutes. Germany scored this time. The goalscorer was substitute Kai Havertz. Havertz, who came on for Thomas Müller, scored the goal. He scored the goal after receiving the ball from Fullkrug’s pass.

Another goal in the 85th minute. Kai Havertz scored again this time. A superb shot by Gunabrir went to the left edge of the box. He ran and put the ball into the net of Costa Rica with a tap of his left foot.

Germany scored again in the 89th minute. Niclas Fullkrug scored this time. He scored the goal from Leroy Sun’s pass. But the goal was disallowed when the linesman raised the flag. But goal scorer Fullkrug claimed he was not offside. As a result, VAR was checked. The goal was awarded to Germany.