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Spectators threw stones at the ManU footballer!

Kriralok Desk: It is not a new thing for fans in the English Premier League to express their displeasure towards the players. This time during the game between Manchester United and Leeds United, one of the supporters threw stones at Manchester United player Anthony Elengar.

The tournament is being criticized. The Football Association (FA) said it would investigate the matter. Manchester United returned from Leeds with a 4-2 victory. However, after Fred’s goal in the 70th minute of the match, disaster struck. Just as the Manchester United players were celebrating the goal, an object was thrown from the gallery and hit Anthony Elengar.

Apart from this incident, uncomfortable slogans were also heard from the gallery throughout the match. The Leeds Police Department has already begun work on this. The BBC says more than 800 football-related arrests and more than 650 riots have taken place in the first six months of the current season. Leeds United coach Marcelo Bielsa says he didn’t see anything like that on the field.