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IPL team goes far infrared

Rajasthan Royals players celebrate the wicket during the Indian Premier League (IPL)

kriralok desk:

At the IPL, Rajasthan Royals (RR) players are using bio-ceramics infused t-shirts and pyjamas that emit Far Infrared (FIR) energy. If that reads like a pretty far-fetched sentence, here’s an effort to break it down.

Bio-ceramics are produced when ceramic materials and mineral oxides are combined and heated to temperatures close to 1700 degrees celsius and allowed to cool. They naturally emit radiation in the Far Infrared range–a kind of light that’s long been in use for therapeutic purposes because of its ability to penetrate deep inside muscle tissue, providing a gentle warmth that improves circulation and oxygen levels.

Playing in the sapping UAE heat is an extra challenge for players this year, and anything that helps counter that is welcome. Rajasthan Royals is the first team in the IPL to use a technology like this, FIR sleepwear is not entirely new.

Top European football clubs already use FIR saunas, but weave in bioceramic material into clothing and you get a therapeutic wearable.